9 Ways to get bitcoins for free, easy and fast, Get 1000$

Bitcoin is known as a digital currency that is quite in demand. Bitcoin is a global cryptocurrency digital currency system, also known as virtual money or Crypto assets. This digital currency is in demand because it is considered as an alternative business opportunity besides mutual funds and stocks by many people. Bitcoin allows a person to send or receive money only via the internet, and is disbursed via exchange sites or via ATMs.

The difference between Bitcoin and state currency is that it has a finite supply, unlike national currency, which can be continuously issued by the country’s central bank. Bitcoin only has a total supply of 21 million which is controlled by the underlying algorithm. Moreover, bitcoin does not have a single institution controlling its network.

Its increasing value is now being hunted by many people for mining. Mining is not cheap and must be done in groups. This is what makes many people reluctant to become miners.

However, there are alternative ways to get bitcoins for free. Here are nine ways to get bitcoin for free, summarized by B Link from various sources on Monday (13/12).

1. Bitcoin Affiliate.

Bitcoin affiliate is a link for activities to promote something. This affiliate program is also commonly known by another term, namely referral marketing program.

Later users will post the link on their website and get rewarded in the form of Bitcoin for every impression. Overall the method contained in this affiliate program is a method of promotion.

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This promotion method will run if one user wants to provide a referral link to other users.

2. Mining Bitcoins.

Mining Bitcoin can help you get bitcoins for free. To do this, you need to join the mining pool network first. After joining, next you have to break new blocks. The trick is to solve a number of algorithms.

To do this, hardware is also required. You must quickly determine the hardware that will be used. After that, then you can download software that makes it easier for you to mine.

3. Airdrops.

Airdrops are a way for companies to give away Bitcoins ‘for free’. This method usually aims to take advantage of network effects to distribute bitcoins. So if you follow this system, then you will get a kind of task to earn bitcoins.

This task is a suggestion for internet users to follow several company accounts. After following, then participate in publishing the event that is being promoted.

4. Bitcoin Faucet.

Bitcoin Faucet is a platform that rewards visitors or users in the form of Bitcoin when they successfully complete certain tasks.

The tasks in question can be in the form of many things such as typing captcha, watching ads, playing online games, taking online quizzes, taking surveys, and so on. After completing the task you will get 1 satoshi which is equivalent to 0.00000001 bitcoin.

5. Bitcoin Software.

The use of bitcoin software is almost like mining activity, but without the purchase of expensive computers and large electricity costs.

Using Bitcoin software is one way to get Bitcoin that can be done from a home computer. But the amount of Bitcoin earned is not as big as the actual mining activity. The value obtained from the Bitcoin software is the same as that obtained from the Bitcoin Faucet.

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6. Participate in trading competitions.

Next, the way to get bitcoin for free is to enter a trading competition. Some exchanges or crypto asset exchanges sometimes often hold bitcoin trading competitions. Usually the prize from this trading competition is in the form of new bitcoins for the winners of the competition.

In this competition, you will be judged on how many digital assets you trade within a certain time limit. This number of digital assets will be competed to get the winner. In addition to competition, bitcoin can also be obtained from playing games.

7. Write about Cryptocurrencies.

The next way to get Bitcoin for free is to write about cryptocurrencies. For those of you who have writing skills, then this method is highly recommended to get bitcoins for free.

Currently, the world of crypto already has a site that will load various kinds of news in it. Do the required task, then you will be rewarded in the form of free bitcoins.

8. Sell the product.

If you are not good at writing, you can earn bitcoins by selling products. The Bitcointalk forum offers a variety of services that you can provide in exchange for Bitcoin.

You can sell your products on this website because almost everyone who visits the forum understands crypto. So, you don’t need to bother explaining your product.

9. Donate.

Lastly, you can get bitcoins for free by donating. Generally there are several sites that carry out bitcoin donation activities. These sites are generally hosted by several crypto and blockchain communities.

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This community is usually a fairly active community in the forum, so that in the end it invites many people to include their bitcoin wallet address.

Interestingly, the more actively someone gives bitcoin donations, it is said to have a greater chance of getting bitcoins back to be even greater.